Patient Stories

It was one of our close friends who first told us about Dr. Singh. Her husband had a serious heart attack and Dr. Singh was on duty in the ER at that time. According to our friend, Dr. Singh saved her husband’s life. Recently I began seeing Dr. Singh myself. I’ve found him to be, very competent and thorough in his examination. He is also conservative in his analysis and recommendations as he takes a holistic approach to my health, considering more than just my heart. I have great trust in Dr. Singh and can recommended him with confidence.

-Joseph Rodriguez

Dr. Singh is very reasonable and a very good doctor. He is the first doctor to actually find and diagnose my rare condition. He is very competent and I would recommend him to anyone for his excellent service.

-Kaitlyn Drew

. Singh has been a terrific physician for me. His patience and bedside manner is very calming. I am so pleased that he was recommended for me.

-Dr. Suzanne Victorine

knowing that I was in need of an arotic operation, I came to the medical center of Plano emergency room for having my back hurting. A CT scan was done, and it was my aorta that was about to burst, and an emergency operation was needed and Dr. Singh was one of the doctors assigned to help me.  Dr. Singh has been a very good doctor for me and he has helped me get back to living a normal life.

-K Jack Hughes

Dr. Singh is very knowledgeable of his trade. The office and staff are very helpful. Seldom do have to wait for long period.  In his office, you feel like a patient not just another person in an assembly line.

-Larry Mills

Dr. Singh saved my life!  He found the problem I was having in my heart and corrected it. He continues to take good care of me and gives me great advice on how to stay heart healthy and total healthy. I am so blessed to have Dr. Singh as my cardiologist. He truly cares about my health and I trust him with my life. I am encouraged to do all I can do also – like swim, exercise and eat a good heart healthy diet. I truly love and thank God for Dr. Singh and his staff.

-Iva Phifer

My husband received excellent care from Dr. Singh both in the hospital and in follow-up appointments. He is thorough and an outstanding cardiologist. His manner puts us at ease and we feel comfortable and secure in his care. Thanks you, Dr. Singh.

-David Hammel & Genie Hammel

Dr. Singh saved my life! He is doing his very best to keep me alive now. I have great respect for him and will try my best to follow his instructions. Dr. Singh is a very smart and kind man. The world needs more Dr. Singh.

-Jean Fisher